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We’re always on the look out for useful motoring things online. We’ve included some links here that we think you’ll find useful…BRW Performance

How rare is your car?

This is a great little tool for checking how many cars are left like yours – have a look, it might be even rarer than you thought!

Vehicle tax checker

If you’re buying a car, or you want to check the expiry date of your road tax, here’s a quick way to check when the tax runs out.

Check your MPG

If you’d like to know how economic your car is, here’s a useful calculator to work out your miles per gallon (MPG).

Motorsports Association

Fancy getting into motorsport? Well whether you like the thought of marshalling on your local rally, or getting out on track yourself, you’ll find all the information you need to know here.

List of UK car owners clubs

Want to find like-minded people with the same car as you to talk modifications with? Here’s a list compiled by the government of all the registered UK car owners clubs.

Company car driver?

If you’ve been offered a company car, here’s a calculator for you to work out how much you’ll have to pay in tax.

What’s covered in an MOT?

Here’s the government’s guide to what MOT testers are looking for, if you were curious.

Police safety camera locations

The Police force for your local area will publish the locations for their safety cameras. Here’s a tool we found which appears to give you up to date information about the camera locations in your area.

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