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Part of what makes BRW Performance unique is that we’re all car enthusiasts. We enjoy what we do, and get a kick out of doing a good job for our customers.

BRW PerformanceSo why does it matter to you that we’re into cars? Well for a start, we live and breathe everything with wheels, so when you drop your car off at BRW Performance, you know it’s in safe hands.

Because we like cars, we know what it’s like to own and run them. It can often be expensive, and with no guarantee you’re getting a good job. So when we pick up the phone to explain what needs doing on your pride and joy, we put ourselves in your shoes – what would we expect? Put simply, we keep our expectations high, so that we can exceed yours.BRW Performance

Between us, we have a fair few projects on the go, from Ben’s 300bhp Renault 5 GT Turbo (owned for 10 years!) to Rich’s 400+bhp fast road Mitsubishi Evo 5. Tim, who is our mapping specialist has a rather tasty Subaru Impreza RA (the lightweight one), and given his skills you can imagine how good the oily bits are too!

With a combined experience of over 25 years in the trade, a shared passion (should that read obsession?!) for all things two and four wheeled, and tea-making skills that are the envy of your Grandmother, perhaps next time your car needs some work or the dreaded MOT date is coming around, you should pick up the phone and call the BRW Performance team.

We look forward to meeting you. In the meantime, why not follow us on Facebook!

BRW Performance

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